Business Analyst

Lille, Frankrijk

We are looking for Business Analysts with an entrepreneurial mindset and unlimited proactivity to help our clients digitally transform their businesses through unmatched software management in terms of simplicity and flexibility.

After a little over two years, Nalios is already the number one leader in Wallonia! It seemed logical for us to continue our adventure in France. To achieve this, we have just opened our offices in Lille with the help of Louis and Tristan, two Odoo experts. The objective remains the same: to become number one in the French market

We are also present in Lausanne, Switzerland, and Namur, Belgium, where our headquarters are located. We also work directly at our clients' premises and are sometimes required to travel abroad for occasional assignments..

As a Business Analyst, you will play an essential role with your clients to implement their Odoo projects from A to Z.

After an onboarding period, you will quickly have the responsibility for several projects autonomously. You will also collaborate within a team on larger projects, which will enable you to learn significantly in a short amount of time.

Very concretely, your role consists of:

Analyzing the functional needs of your clients and translating them into optimal solutions.

Proposing a project plan in line with your analysis and implementing this plan.

Earning the trust of your clients through your well-informed functional and business advice.

Empowering your client to be as autonomous as possible with their new solution.

Organizing long-term follow-up for your client portfolio while keeping our commitment to excellence in mind.

Engage with your colleagues about your projects and identify best practices.

But that's not all! We are a young company with big ambitions. That's why we're looking for a true "jack-of-all-trades" who could also contribute to the company's growth and take part in other projects. 

What I love most as a Business Analyst at Nalios is the challenge! We're quickly involved in various projects, in direct contact with the client. Each business has its own specificities, making every day different! The team is also a really important aspect at Nalios; we can all rely on each other and enjoy great moments together. One thing's for sure, there's never a dull moment at Nalios, and we see ourselves evolving every day.

Emma • Business Analyst

Prerequisites: : 

A university degree or an unconventional background - demonstrating remarkable experience and skills.

Between 0 and 5 years of professional experience.

Providing excellent service to your clients while adapting your teaching style according to your audience.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both French and English.

A leadership temperament, proactive, and not afraid to roll up their sleeves.

Willingness to learn and adapt constantly and rapidly.

Nice to have

It's far from essential, but if that's the case for you, it's not a bad thing. 

  • Experience en Project Management IT ;
  • Experience en Business Analysis ;
  • Technical knowledge of Python and XML.

Our offer:

Our goal is to create a work environment in which you feel comfortable and which allows you to evolve rapidly and take on responsibilities in a young and entrepreneurial structure. 

A competitive salary

An attractive remuneration package supplemented by benefits, though it may seem obvious, it's still important to mention.

An open-minded and relaxed atmosphere

We take our mission very seriously. However, between us, we don't really take ourselves too seriously. We hope you're the same (otherwise, we'll change your mind over a beer). 

Comprehensive and rapid onboarding 

Intensive yet highly diversified. During the onboarding process, you are not alone, and you are quickly involved in projects.

You will rarely be bored.

In our profession, we learn every day, and there is a wide variety in the projects we work on. You will never do the same thing two days in a row.

We aspire to make you a cornerstone of our structure 


About Us: 

We founded Nalios in October 2020. Our mission is to help companies transform their productivity through powerful and innovative management tools. We firmly believe that Odoo is one of these tools, which is why we are an Official Partner of this incredible management software. 

Our obsession is to provide excellent service to our clients, both for Odoo implementation and for advice in managing their businesses.

We spent many years as functional consultants at Odoo S.A., so we have gained significant experience in implementing projects. . 

We aspire to become one of the top Odoo partners in Europe in the years to come, and that's why we rely on you to help us..