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Company business card

SizeBetween 15 and 20 employees
Sectorsanitary heating
Implemented Odoo applicationsSales - Rental - E-commerce - Stock - Purchasing - Accounting

The issue

This Walloon company specialising in sanitary heating was already using accounting software. It was also juggling between Excel and paper to manage the rental and sale of goods, as well as the installation and maintenance of its products for its customers. Unfortunately, the proliferation of tools and media meant that a lot of information was lost and, above all, a lot of time was wasted. Administrative management was becoming too cumbersome and too unstable for the company's growing customer portfolio and the large number of items in stock.

The Odoo solution implemented by Nalios

    An integrated solution

To be able to manage their many activities more quickly, easily and intuitively, the company turned to Nalios, which was able to implement an integrated solution: firstly, from a management point of view, the company needed a system covering sales, rentals, installations, maintenance and stocks. Secondly, from an accounting point of view, Nalios implemented an e-commerce solution and a complete accounting programme.

    Implementation in several phases

In order not to disrupt any of the services offered by the company, Nalios decided to phase in the implementation of the systems. The sanitary heating company began by integrating e-commerce, rental, sales and purchasing management. This was followed by accounting and stock management. Nalios completed the implementation by managing the company's technical interventions at its customers' sites.

And what about today?

The arrival of Odoo services within the company has enabled it, above all, to save considerable time. Their accounts can now be managed in just a few clicks, and their information is better protected. No more loss, and therefore no more errors. Thanks to the global vision that the company now has of its multiple activities, it can really concentrate on the essentials, which inevitably has a positive effect on its cash flow and the quality of its services.